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My entry for the GMTK 2019 game jam, where the prompt was: "only one."

You play as Glitchbert, a malfunctioning robot consigned to the junkyard. His broken processor can allow him to perform only one movement or action at a time before he shuts down and must reboot. 

Everything in this game was created entirely from scratch by me within the 48 hours allotted - art, music, coding, design, etc. I made it with Construct 2, Sketchbook Pro, FL Studio & Photoshop and am quite happy with how it came out - maybe one day I will work it up into a proper game?

For now, here's one level as a proof of concept and the result of trying to design a platforming protagonist who can accept only one player instruction at a time. 


Arrow keys / WASD: movement
Up arrow / W / Space: jump
Down arrow / S: stop 

F: Fullscreen / windowed

(run glitchbert.exe after unzipping)

Best of luck to all the entrants :)



Glitchbert.zip 63 MB

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